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Hello and welcome to Leicester Ghost-hunters,

Ok, so you're sitting at your PC right now surfing the internet looking for a paranormal group. Ask yourself, how many have said things like "Have you heard knocks or bangs?",  "Heard noises in the middle of the night, have you thought you may have a ghost",  well as a paranormal investigation group this is not always the case.

We at Leicester Ghost-hunters have always believed to rule out the obvious before putting it down to the paranormal, we will listen and evaluate each case on its own merits.

Leicester Ghost-hunters are different from any other group. We do what we do for the general love and interest for the paranormal.

WE ARE NOT AN EVENT GROUP! We do not charge for any investigations or cases*. Just remember - EVERYTHING is kept confidential. We also work along-side mediums within our network.

*If extra help is required for clearance, mediums will charge at their rate.